ZANCO tiny t1 -World’s smallest mobile phone

In this post, I am going to write about the world’s smallest mobile phone available in the market “ZANCO tiny t1.”This is a fully functioning, talk, text and unbelievably tiny mobile phone. Its smaller than your thumb and lighter than a coin, About as big as SD-card. Gadget lovers will love this tiny phone. If you pull out this tiny device in the party or somewhere people will be amazed. When you see this phone, the first thing comes to your mind is this phone for real and next does it work. You can save up to 300 numbers on this phone. This tiny phone stores up to 50 messages & 50 Call logs. It only supports   2G network.

This phone is developed by UK Based Bradford entrepreneur Shadab, who is a specialist in making tiny mobile phones. The company name is Zini Mobiles Ltd.

Specifications of ZANCO tiny t1

ZANCO tiny t1 smallest mobile phone specifications are it got 0.49-inch OLED display with 32×64 pixels. The weight of the tiny phone is 13g, yes you read it right about the weights. Phone measurement is 46.7mm x 21mm x12 mm. It comes with a Nano SIM card with 32 MB of storage as mentioned above it stores up to 300 contacts, 50 messages & 50 in and outcall log. The motherboard is MediaTek MTK6261D with 32 MB RAM. The keyboard is an Alphanumeric keyboard and buttons of the keyboard will be smaller than your fingertips. Tiny 11 battery capacity is 200mAh with USB charger. Mobile phone speaker is available at the bottom. It comes only with black color.

Connectivity of ZANCO tiny t1

This smallest mobile phone has Bluetooth’s connectivity, Micro USB &   supports only 2G. It claims to work on any mobile phone networks. This phone doesn’t support 3G & 4G. You cannot access the Internet on the mobile phone. Supported languages are English and Multi-Languages.


ZANCO tiny t1 is funded through Kickstarter and price of the phone is $ 55(37£).

Price in India

This tiny, small phone is not a high end featured phone, but you can use it as an emergency back up phone. It has three-day standby time when charged up & 180 minutes of talk time before the battery dies. The best part of the phone is you can carry it in your jeans change pocket. Price is also cheaper. If you are a gadget lover then this phone must be in your collections.

ZANCO tiny t1  suit to the people who actively participate in the sports & also joggers, runners & other similar activities, because of its tiny size, they can keep this phone in any of the pockets. If you’re traveling abroad you can use it has a secondary phone.

Overall ZANCO tiny  t1 smallest mobile phone is a good option to buy after seeing its tiny size and cheap price. This phone will serve as a backup phone in emergency cases. This phone is officially the worlds smallest mobile phone.

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6 thoughts on “Smallest mobile phone in the world ZANCO tiny t1”

  1. How totally adorable is this! It looks like something a spy or undercover cop would have. Something you see in movies haha.

  2. Wow! That is so crazy. When phones aren’t getting bigger, they are getting smaller! Unfortunately my motor movement wouldn’t allow me to work on such a small screen.

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