Diamond Crypto Smartphone/1.3 Million US DOLLARS

Dear readers fasten your seat belts today I am going to write about the worlds most expensive luxurious smartphone “Diamond Crypto Smartphone”.This phone is one of the costliest and one of a kind luxury smartphone on planet earth, this is another million dollar phone in the market. The retail price of the Diamond Crypto Smartphone is 1.3 Million US Dollar with 50 Diamonds in that 10 is Blue Diamonds. Don’t get panic you heard it right. This phone is manufactured by Moscow based company JSC Ancort company designed by luxury accessories maker Peter Aloisson.

The main feature of Diamond Crypto Smartphone it has a very powerful encryption technology which provides added security. This phone will be mainly used by rich multi-billionaires by keeping the fact in mind the manufactures worked mainly on the security features. The level of encryption is very high so that it will provide secure protection of information against technological blackmailing, kidnapping, corrupted state officials and financial racketeers. This feature keeps this phone different from the other expensive luxurious smartphones.

All parts of the of the phone are casted in solid platinum 950 apart from Ancort logo and Navigation key. These two parts are made up of 18 carats rose gold. All keys in the Keypad are being produced in platinum and all the keys are hand graved and hand colored.

Specifications of Diamond Crypto Smartphone

Please find below the specifications of the worlds most expensive luxurious phone

Operating System and processor: Diamond Crypto Smartphone runs on Windows CE operating system and the processor is Motorola MX21(266 MHz).


Display: Main display type is color TFT with the Touchscreen and the resolution is 240×320 pixels, embedded antenna.


Keypad: Latin alphabet keypad and virtual keypad also available.


SIM Card & Network standard: Plug-in type sim card, Network standard is GSM 900/1800.Can store up to 4000 numbers in the phone book.


Battery:1350 mAh battery,100 hours battery operation in standby mode, with 2 hours Talk time.Can be charged with AC -adapter or USB cable.


Media player: MP3


Also Diamond Crypto Smartphone supports SMS,MMS,E-Mail,Internet,WAP 2.0 support,JAVA.Can synchronize with the PC with Microsoft ActiveSync.

Cryptographic characteristics:

Encryption processor is TMS 320 VC 5416. Crypto SMS, CryptoPhone call, Crypto E-mail available.Crypto Symmetric 256 bit Crypto algorithm.Data encryption available on the phone with 87% Syllable Intelligibility.

Compatibility with PSTN, ISDN Ancort phones & also protected with EDN(Encrypted Document Access).

The company provides separate International diamond certificates for all the diamonds used in the smartphone. For the platinum used they provide a Peter aloisson certificate.

No doubt Diamond Crypto Smartphone is one of the most expensive luxurious phone available on the planet. This phone is specially made for rich people who have a lot of money in their bank accounts. What makes this phone stand out compared to the other luxurious phone is its high encryption security. This smartphone will be a status symbol for these Multi-billionaires.

Hope I have provided the required information about worlds most expensive Diamond Crypto Smartphone.

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  1. Very very very expensive smartphone i ever seen on this earth. Totally for billionaires if they wanted to buy. But honestly its a most unique piece in the entire earth
    Really a very very good information and really want to see this smartphone in real.
    Thanks a lot for sharing such eyecatching and mesmerizing articles.

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