Some Important Smart Phones Facts – Everything is Going Mobile(Guest Post)


Almost everything is going mobile now. From a decade back when we used cell phones with touch, the revolution has come in the form of touchscreen mobiles. The development in the mobile industry hasn’t stopped yet, in fact, it has taken a step ahead with the introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in smartphones. I Yogesh Khetani will guide you through the smartphone development and how it has gone such big.

Some of the interesting facts about the importance of mobile smartphones are:

  • Of the 4 billion mobile phone users more than 1 billion are using smartphones.
  • Over 70% of the population of the world have cell phones.
  • It is predicted that by 2019 internet usage on mobile phones will surpass overall other devices use. It had already surpassed desktop/laptops use.
  • Already more than 60% of all local searches are done on smartphones.
  • 86% of users are watching TV shows on their smartphones.
  • About 1/3 of all users (200+ million) go to Facebook from their phones.
  • Around 91% of all users are using for socializing.
  • Apple alone has sold around 60 million iPhones worldwide since it’s launch.
  • The Android operating system is growing at an unbelievable 886%.
  • Cell phone carriers are now activating 260,000 Android devices a day in over 40 countries.
  • At its current rate, Android should overtake Apple as the leading operating system for smartphones this year.
  • Recently with the introduction if bezel-less phones(less bezel more display to screen ratio), smartphones have touched the screen size of a tablet.
  • We have already seen many smartphones with 8 GB RAM inside.
  • We have also seen several triple SIM Phone too.
  • There are even smartphones with quad cameras.
  • Without Android, both Nokia and BlackBerry failed but ever since they adopted Android, their sales are impressive.
  • Apple is expected to be the world’s first trillion dollar company and it’s going to do that by 2019. Google’s parent company Alphabet might be the next.

As you can see from just a few of the facts above the use of smartphones are driving the need for having a mobile website to fill the needs of your potential customers online.

Having a mobile website before your competitors give you the advantage when trying to get new customers to your business through the search function on a mobile phone.

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