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One of the main games Blizzard came out on the Nintendo Switch. Now Diablo 3 is available to all owners of the hybrid console, among which there are a lot of those who never in a lifetime have not healed demons in the gloomy dungeons of the Diablo universe, but have heard about this practice a lot of flattering reviews. It is for such people though


Diablo 3 on all consoles remains itself a great game on the cleanup of dungeons from Evil

In D3 it is fascinating to do everything-and meditate to give blood to demons and monsters in Danjah, collect builds, steal weapons and equipment, to deal with the management of items of inventory. The player must master skills and adjust them to different game situations. Blizzard has perfected everything that can be improved and has cut off all the unnecessary. Well done.


The uniqueness of Diablo 3 is that no such representative of the genre has been able to approach the creation of “Blizzard” to such a level of implementation.

The Switch-version of Diablo 3: Eternal Collection has wrapped up all the content that is coming from the start of the game in 2012. The necromancer here, on the spot, additions Reaper of Souls and Rise of the Necromancer also here, in one bottle placed all the essentials. Also in the port for the “hybrids” put a special set of transformations, exclusive armor and other similar “buns”.


Do not forget about the cooperative regimes. Diablo 3 is a great way to share with one console in Split screen mode (checked). But I strongly recommend the first time to play without live satellites, to pass alone plot, although it is at times worse than the history of the second part of the saga. Solo game is perceived differently, as a personal adventure, and in online mode on the network or in the company of real friends, it feels more fun.



Not all fans of Blizzard’s games are personally familiar with Nintendo consoles and games. The release of Diablo 3 on Switch is a good reason to be friends with a Japanese company because on a hybrid platform the project feels great. Sounds jaded, but it is true-  D3 is equally pleasant to play everywhere: on the way to study, on a business trip, at home, and even outdoors in the open air.


In a portable format, Eternal Collection looks great. All effects, explosions, bright magic spells look luxurious, as well as smooth animation. The game “does not fade” even when the screen is bright, epic message with deadly fireworks and rivers of blood. The resolution of Diablo 3 in “manual” mode is standard-only 720p.A bit sad font size in portable mode-it is small and it is difficult to read. You have to periodically stare into the text to understand what is written. Fonts authors could make a bigger.


In the version D3 for Switch, control the character is as comfortable as on the Xbox and PlayStation consoles. The upper right Shift (ZR) activates the auxiliary skill, through the lower right the health is replenished. On the left upper buttons are mantras and fixation of the target. (ZL and L). On a, Y, X, and B are “main attack”, “protection”, “techniques” and “focus”. On the right stick put “evasion”, and left sets the direction of movement.


The release of Diablo 3: Eternal Collection on Switch is a reason to think about buying a hybrid unit for those who still have a rough breath of Diablo 3. And fans of Nintendo consoles, in turn, have the opportunity to familiarize yourself with one of the best games of Blizzard.



Diablo 3: Eternal Collection works on Nintendo Switch perfectly. The game looks decent and brings as much joy as it does on other game consoles.


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