Cloud Computing-What is it?

What is ‘Cloud Computing’?

Some people may have doubt in the mind that what is cloud computing. In this article, I am going to explain you about Cloud computing in simple words.

Usually, if we want to store our data, we will use storage device or hard drive. But in cloud computing it’s different. Cloud computing is a method where Information services delivered in which from the internet resources are retrieved through web-based applications and tools directly from the server. Cloud storage saves this to a remote database and can access any time if the devices have access to the web.

History of Cloud computing starts in the 1990s when Salesforce implemented enterprises Saas successfully, in 2006  Amazon created Amaz0n Web Services following Google and Microsoft also introduced its cloud computing services.

Cloud computing characteristics

Cloud computing advantages are common among all cloud vendors. Below are the main advantages of cloud computing.

1. Cloud vendor will manage completely the back end of the application especially hardware. So that users can easily meet the demand.

2. All services are scalable

3. Users have to pay only for the services used like bandwidth, memory, processing time etc.

4. There are migration flexibility-Companies can move their workloads from one cloud to different cloud platforms any time.

Cloud computing provides a support system in computer infrastructure and maintenance so that companies can focus on their core business.

There are 3 different kinds of Cloud computing deployment models which are the Private cloud, public cloud, and hybrid cloud.

Private Cloud:

In this cloud services are delivered from business data Center to company’s internal user. Management will be having entire control over the cloud & there will be on interference from the third party.

The main vendors who provide this service are IBM, Red hat, Microsoft, Dell emc, Open stack etc.

Public cloud:

In this model third party delivers the service over the internet. These cloud services will be sold on demand, by the hour, minute or for long-term commitments. Users have to only pay for storage, bandwidth & CPU cycles how much they consume.

The main providers are Google, AWS, Microsoft Asure.

Hybrid cloud:

This cloud is a combination of on-premises private cloud and public cloud services.

The main advantage of a hybrid cloud is to create scalable, unified, automated environment by taking all the advantages of public cloud infrastructure by controlling the critical data.

Cloud computing services are commonly categorized as Saas-Software as a service, Iaas/Infrastructure as a service, Paas Platform as a service

Saas-Software as a service

In this category of service, it delivers software applications over the internet, this service is also called web services. By using a computer or mobile phone user can access the services and applications from any location. Microsoft office 365 is the best example for Saas-Software as service.

Iaas/Infrastructure as a service

In this category, it provides APIs which enables users to migrate from workloads to a VM and also supplies a virtual server and storage. Users will be allocated storage capacity and can configure and access VM and storage as they want. Also, Iaas provides small, large, medium, extra-large memory for various workload needs.

Paas Platform as a service

In this model providers host development tools on their infrastructures, so that users can access these tools using APIs, gateway software or web portals. This is mainly used in software development and after development Paas providers host this software. The main Pass providers are AWS, Salesforce, Google App Engine, and Beanstalk.

Cloud computing is beneficial for small enterprises because it is cost effective and they can focus on their core business instead of focusing on IT and maintenance. There are some limitations and Disadvantages, particularly regarding Security and downtime. So you should be very careful while choosing the providers.



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