Top 5 Technology Trend That Brings A Change in 2019

Top 5 Technology Trend That Brings A Change in 2019

The technology is developing at a very fast speed and due to this the principal factors for social, political and economic change in the globe. In this article, you will find the Top 5 Technology trend that brings A change in 2019.

It becomes one of the most important sources for human activity. Hence, it has the potential to overpower human beings minds. Though the human being is created technologies and upgrading them. But soon, it will happen that human being becomes less powerful than new technological devices and gadgets.

The German theorist, Thorstein Veblen have to use a term technological determinism and found a new theory. This theory explains that how new technological devices and gadgets are spreading rapidly for many years. German theorist also said that such changes in new technological trends will also control human behavior by affecting their mind.

It will also change the behavior and relationships of a human being. Put all of the controversies aside with development of the technologies.

And think that how new technological trend had to change humans history and it should be changed in the future.

On the daily basis, the upgradation in technology is coming and many people leave better lives with the help of new gadgets.

Here top 5 technological trends are given that can change the world and also bring a change in 2019.

1. Strength of datafication

The globe has developed and peoples start using WhatsApp and stop using email, text messaging, etc. Nowadays, the data has been tracked in most of the thing.

Because of increase in this process, the unexpected exploration has made through technologies in the life of human beings.

In the year 2019, this process will change due to more apps will launch with different features and the huge amount of data will be generated. And every data get encrypted and saved and there will be no chance of inconsistency with any action.

2. Internet Of Thing and Marketing Of Mobile is Flourishing

IOT is also called the Internet of things and It surrounds smart products which are connected with the people. For example, some year ago our mother has come and waking us up to complete the work.

But nowadays, alarm plays an important role in our day to day lives and another smart device has also entered in our life. We are depending on these technological products day by day.

Raul Prebisch, Dependency Theory’s inventor who has said that the people are depending on new devices and gadgets.

And once people feel then they can not put their effort into doing any work than they become lazy. Hence, IOT protects the big growth in the market of mobile.

Human beings who depend on smart gadgets and devices then they will purchase this product and flourish the market.

Recent researches are showing that within the 2 to 3 years, technologies reach the top and 75 billion devices will be connected.

3. Computing Power Increases Huge technology

Technological advancement is working with help of computing power. Computing power is developing in every year.In the year 2019, we expect that the changes in new technological trend will introduce us a quantum computing.

After 2 to 3 year, the computers will become hundreds of times faster than now. Many of the antivirus, Operating systems, and another advance software will come with the new computing power.

Many of the tech experts said that the quantum computer can easily solve difficult problems than computers. Since this will be the historical change in the category of technologies

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4. Artificial Intelligence Is Increasing

In the year 2019, there will be a change in AI because computing power will be increased. The machines will learn many things that humans wouldn’t know.

Hence, the AI system will become accurate and quicker and the computers will decrease the pressure of work. Because the computer will develop human robots and many different types of emotions.

This technology trend is showing that why technology is good for human beings and how it plays an important role in our lives.

5. Automation will be at the top of success

In the year 2019, many different types of machines, robots and another device will be created. Hence, there will more automation process for the human being.

Many things will happen such as jobs of humans will decrease because everything will be done by robots and algorithms. Because of this development, there will be a negative impression on employment will be created.

Machines will develop that can easily do work that was done by people than the human being replaced by machines. Because keeping workers and giving them a salary, machines are easier.

Many of the studies are showing that developments of technologies are very dangerous for the job of the human being. IOT has created a personal assistant which is known as Alexa.


Technological devices and gadgets which bring a change in the year 2019. Technology like computing, robots, Internet Of Thing and Artificial Intelligence. So above are the top 5 technolgy trend which is going to bring change in 2019.



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