Why Have People Embraced Home Automation?

Why Have People Embraced Home Automation?

Technology. Period. It is the main reason for the emergence of man from a cave-dwelling living being to the modern man of today. If there is one factor which has always helped man better himself than the other living beings on this Mother Earth, it is technology. How else would you explain the existence of fire, the discovery of the wheel, the industrial revolution of the 18th century to the home automation of today? Okay, shall we now discuss the points of why you landed on this page, and have been reading the article? Now let us focus on why people have embraced home automation.

First, let us look into the recent happenings in the world of technology and then focus on the home automation part. In 2018, as per an estimate, people in developed and developing countries have accepted AI applications in their home appliances with open arms. Yes, in the year 2017, the general public had reservations about AI in their home, but 2018 brought about significant changes.

The general public has wholeheartedly made use of virtual assistants to handle their smart home appliances. For example, if you have gone to a modern urban home, you can see the house owner making use of Google Home or Amazon echo to give commands to the television, lighting bulb and even thermostats. There are many families which refer their car as a four-wheeled family member. And for a biker, his vehicle is the first wife. Likewise, a time will come when the virtual assistant Alexa will get recognition as a family member.

Okay, what are the benefits of home automation and artificial intelligence applications in home appliances?

  1. Energy Efficiency

Home Automation

The entire world has focused on one part, saving the remaining natural resources for the next generation. So, every home appliance manufactured is designed to give the best service to the consumer and also save energy. For implementation, home appliance manufacturing companies have made use of machine learning to save energy.

Artificial intelligence is a part of machine learning. And this technology makes use of artificial neural networks to analyze data and make the appliance work accordingly. Let us take, for example, an air conditioner which has machine learning applications installed in it. Now, the air conditioner is subjected to voice commands and stores information based on every individual preference in the home. For example, the house owner needs a cool breeze after coming from the office. He will have at first have to reset the air conditioner to the required condition. The appliance will learn on its own, and adapt accordingly. Likewise, there are other appliances such as sensors which can switch on and off the lights if there is no one in the home. It can switch on when someone enters the room.

Let us go to the other benefits. All the appliances are connected to the internet. Even if there is not a machine learning application installed in the air conditioner, an individual can use the mobile to turn off the device from office.

There are also other benefits. An individual’s father is ill and confined to the bed. Now, a home nurse is employed for his daily activities. If the home does have CCTV cameras, the individual can monitor the activities of the nurse.

  1. Completion of Simple Tasks

As per an estimate, people all over the globe check their mobile at least ten times a day. The reason, the e-news websites give updates on recent events. Now let us take the daily activities people do every day. They have to park their bikes, enter home, switch on the heater, heat the food in the microwave oven, lock the door before going to sleep, switch on the air conditioner at a certain temperature and all. Now imagine the time taken for these activities every day. Calculate for a month. If all the activities such as setting the air conditioner to a certain temperature after 10 pm are automated, then? Humans can concentrate on important activities such as innovations, and saving nature.

  1. Benefits for Senior Persons

Home Automation

After sixty years, a person is prone to having cramps in legs and hands. There are other problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure and more. In an urban family, the husband and wife are at an office at many hours of the day. The children go to another area for college or school. So the seniors have to live on their own during the daytime. To switch on the lights in the restroom they have to use their hand. Imagine giving a command to the lights to switch on. Or if the home is automated, then the sensors will detect the activity in the room and switch on the light.

Has it become clear, why home automation has become a hot favorite for many around the world?


Now we come to the last part of why people have embraced home automation? Let us switch over to the future. The home appliance industry may have taken many steps forward, but one factor is certain. All the home appliances need a maintenance check and service in times of repair. In recent models, you have to look for the symptoms to identify problems. Let us imagine you are in Hyderabad. The home geyser needs maintenance. You have to call a company specializing in home care services in Hyderabad to send a technician for geyser repair. But in the future, the geyser will send an alert to your mobile in case it needs maintenance.

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