Top 8 Tips for The Designers to Overcome With Creative Block

Top 8 Tips for The Designers to Overcome With Creative Block

It’s a pervasive feeling from which we have been extremely affected in the matters of frustration and irritated by the looming deadlines of the clients. But it still happens, and there is absolutely nothing that could be done to stop it from happening. You know that your brain has the capacity to have just the right idea to put on the canvas but Its. Just. Not. Happening! Top 8 Tips for The Designers to Overcome With Creative Block.

For all of you who are artist, writers or designers, you all know the feeling, and there is just something missing that is not helping in bringing out the creative insight present inside. It’s not like you can work with pleasing others, but the truth is that there is this one person you most likely need to inspire – yourself!

Whenever there is a hint of doubt in your mind, always remember, you’re the most important person who can pull this off. The key to your success is to stay motivated.

So what is it that you do when a creative block creep into your creative path?

To start with, it happens to all creative minds, so you don’t need to worry about losing your creativity. Second is that you just need a little bit of patience, hard work and a few key strategies to get your creative mind back in its place.

A recent study has stated that a creative block or obstacle happens to designers working in a company because of tight deadlines, the unwillingness of taking a creative risk or lack of project diversity. As for the freelancers it just the refusal of doing work or lack of inspiration because they are in charge of their own creative process.

To overcome these creative blocks, here are eight strategies that can help to get back your originality.

  1. Dirty your canvas

    Sounds like a problem right? But guess what it’s not! Working abstractly is like a stress reliever and sometimes gives a designer more ideas when they lack them. Getting in a movement and filling the canvas with colors is more inspiring for an artist or designers than looking at a blank canvas.

  2. Look from a different angle

    This can be a little tricky to define. Consider it this way: inspiration can be found anywhere, even in the abyss of your delusions. Keep a lookout for anything that is unusual. Draw it on your journal or just take a picture to remember. It may be a reminder of what inspires you and why are you inspired by it. Whether it is drawing, designing or writing, it always needs some sort of inspiration to remind them why they chose their lives as a writer, designer or artist in the first place.

  3. Change the medium

    Being an artist, you can easily change the medium of doing stuff. For example, if you draw with oil paints change your medium to acrylic for the time being. As for the designers designing a logo, for instance, they can change their medium to online logo generator free of cost, to be inspired or get an idea if they have a tight deadline.

  4. Try other creative disciplines

    Inspiration can come from anywhere. Trying something other than your discipline can give you an insight into your own creativity. If you are a designer, for instance, grab a camera and go on a hike, take some photographs to find inspiration. Or just paint for a little while to explore your options.

  5. Grab some you time

Getting out of your routine helps in clearing your mind. Go to a spa, meditate or plan a picnic to the beach, it will help you break the big wall blocking all your creativity on to the other side. If not all that, then visit an art gallery, seeing all the colors can give you the idea you need to break this big wall.

  1. Finish what you started

There is no such thing as a bad idea there are some different perspectives to look at a thing. Being a designer, you should be aware of that. A designer’s most tough competition is to figure out what part f the idea is “bad”, figuring that out should restore the order.

  1. Don’t bind your ideas to the brief

    This is what creates a creative block in the first place.  Less information such as in brief can lessen your creativity. But your innovative solutions might open your client’s eyes to a new and a broader perspective.

  2. Get it down on a paper

Create a list of all the things that you need to include in your design as written format. This can help you out in designing and tweaking your design as you move forward. Then mix and match all the possible combination to make a masterpiece out of it.

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Jessica Ervin is a creative graphic designer who works with Design Iconic which provides free logo maker services from where you can easily create your own logo designs for free with unconventional logo designs, Powered by AI for creating astounding logos. Her experience has given her an insight of designing along with a diligent technical skill.



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