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Artificial Intelligence

You may be hearing the word Artificial Intelligence a lot nowadays and will be wondering what exactly is Artificial Intelligence? So, in this article, you can find complete information about Artificial Intelligence, Applications of Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence tools, Traits of Artificial Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence courses. In simple words, Definition of  Artificial Intelligence is the ability of the machine or computer to solve the complex problems by using intelligence like human beings. In technical term, we can say AI perceives its environment and takes suitable action which increases the chances of achieving goals successfully.

The AI was founded on the basis that a machine can be made to stimulate exactly like a human being by using human intelligence. History of AI started in the year 1956 at a workshop in Dartmouth College. The founders of the Artificial Intelligence are Herbert Simon, Marvin Minsky, Arthur Samuel, and John McCarthy. These people believed that in future machines will have the capability of solving almost all the problems which man can solve.AI will revolve around the algorithms which is a set of instructions that a computer can execute. These algorithms usually the past experiences or strategies which worked well in the past. But compared with the humans existing AI lacks so many features of human-like common sense reasoning, time, space and physical interactions.

In the early 21st century AI started to use in so many fields like medical diagnostics, logistics, data mining, chess playing systems and different types of robots which were made using artificial intelligence. Deep blue was the first chess-playing system to beat world chess champion, Garry Kasparov. In the year 2011 “Watson” IBM’s question answering system defeated worlds two greatest Jeopardy champions in one of the Jeopardy quiz show exhibition matches. By the algorithmic improvements, fastest and accurate computers, access to large amounts of data, deep learning AI started to set the accuracy benchmark by 2012. The year 2015 termed as a landmark year for Artificial Intelligence. Most of the companies started to use Artificial Intelligence like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, cloud computing companies and so many companies have incorporated AI.

Main Traits of Artificial Intelligent System

The main concept of Artificial Intelligence is to create technology which allows machines and computers to work in an intelligent manner. There are particular traits that researchers expect in an intelligent system to display. Below are the main traits which have received the most attention.

  • Planning
  • Problem solving and reasoning
  • Knowledge representation
  • Learning
  • Perception
  • Natural language processing
  • Motion and Manipulation
  • General Intelligence
  • Social Intelligence


For solving any problem or to execute anything planning is very important. Intelligent agents must be able to set goals and should achieve them.AI Planning the system should realize the strategies or action sequences, for execution by intelligent agents, unmanned vehicles and autonomous robots.AI should be able to plan to solve complex problems also. There will be a Hierarchical Control system which is a form of a control system in which governing software and set of devices will be arranged in a hierarchy.

2.Problem solving and reasoning

Researchers developed algorithms which imitated step by step reasoning like humans use while making the decisions and problem-solving. So, it’s very important to feed complete information in the AI System otherwise there will be difficulty in solving large reasoning problems. Even human beings will not solve problems step-by-step, they take fast, intuitive judgments while solving most of the problems.

3.Knowledge representation

In knowledge representation, the computer system will utilize the information about the world to solve the complex problems such as having a dialog in natural language or diagnosing a disease or medical condition. It incorporates findings from psychology about how human beings solve problems by using their knowledge. This will make easier to build and design complex systems. Knowledge-based representation formalism examples are frames, system architectures and automated reasoning examples are classifiers, theorem provers, and inference engines.


Machine learning is the study of computer algorithm which automatically improves through experience. There are two types of Machine learning,

one is Supervised learning and another one is unsupervised learning. In Supervised learning, a human is required to label the input data which includes both classification and regression data. Whereas in unsupervised learning there will be no human required to label the input, the machine will have the ability to find patterns in a stream of input.


It’s the ability of the machine to use inputs from sensors Infrared, visible spectrums and cameras, wireless signals, microphone, sonar, radar to deduce the aspect of the world. The main applications which use this trait are facial recognition, speech recognition, and object recognition.

6.Natural language processing

By using the natural and powerful language user interfaces and acquiring the knowledge directly from human-written sources like text mining, question answering, machine translation, and information retrieval. It gives the machines the ability to read and understand languages like humans.

7.Motion and Manipulation

Artificial Intelligence is extensively used in robotics like arms, advanced robotics, and industrial robots. In motion planning, movement task breaks down into primitive individual joint motion, compliant motion where movement requires physical contact with the object. A modern robot can easily determine its location and environment in a given static and visible environment however in dynamic environments it poses a big challenge.

8.General Intelligence

Instead of narrow AI nowadays researchers focusing on General Intelligence. So that machines can solve the problems which are in general not only focusing on the specific things. Many new advances have general Intelligence, for example, Deep Mind developed a generalized artificial intelligence in the year 2010 which had the ability to learn many Atari games on its own. The general concept of designing machines by using general intelligence trait is machines can solve the problems as people do.

9.Social Intelligence

In social intelligence, the machine should be able to predict the actions by analyzing their emotional states and motives which helps to take better decision. There are computers which mimic human emotions which will be more closely to emotional dynamics of human interaction. Social skills and understanding human emotion and game theory of human beings are going to benefits these machines.

Modern artificial intelligence is used in so many high-profile applications like self-driving cars, drones, medical diagnostics, solving mathematical theorems, search engines, image recognition, playing games, online assistants, prediction.

Some of the Artificial Intelligence examples are medical diagnostics, automation, software, social media companies, search engines, Military, Art, Advertisement, virtual assistance, and so many other fields.AI is evolving in such a speed that there will be more advanced machines and more intelligent and emotional robots in the future which will act exactly like human beings.

Applications of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is there in most of the fields like medical diagnostics, automation, software, social media companies, search engines, Military, Art, Advertisement, virtual assistance, and so many other fields.AI is evolving in such a speed that there will be more advanced machines and more intelligent and emotional robots in the future which will act exactly like human beings. Please find below the top 10 Artificial Intelligence.

1.Computer Science

To solve problems in computer science AI researchers have developed so many tools. Many of the inventions from the researchers are adopted by mainstream computer science. The following are developed by AI laboratories-graphical user interfaces, time-sharing, automatic storage management, dynamic programming, object-oriented programming, interactive interpreters and many more.

2.Finance sector

So many Financial institutions invested in Artificial intelligence to assist them in financial matters while taking decisions.AI has developed so many applications for finance field like Market analysis and data mining, Algorithmic trading, Portfolio management, Personal finance, and underwriting. By using these applications finance team can make sound decisions regarding finance which helps in the growth of the company.AI is used in auditing also by analyzing different information. The main advantage of the use of AI in auditing is risk and time duration can be reduced and the assurance level can be increased.


The Aviation industry adopted AI system very extensively. The Air operator division uses this AI SYSTEM in training simulators, as surrogate operators for combat, support system while making tactical decision making. The use of AI in training simulators helping the aviation industry very much. Computers are bringing the best success scenarios in these situations. The AI system can also create strategies based on the speed, size, placement and the strength of the forces. It provides the best information to the pilots by sorting the information. The Air operator division also uses AI in speech recognition software which gives directions to the artificial pilots


There are so many companies which manufacture robots to teach children ranging from computer science to mathematics. There is also a significant rise in intellectual tutoring systems. For example, so many Defense agencies use AI to develop a digital tutor to teach Navy recruits technical skills. But universities have not adopted AI system, may be due to the lack of funds or doubting about the effectiveness of the tools.

5.Healthcare sector

Artificial Intelligence is making its footsteps in the healthcare sector by helping doctors. The use of software and algorithm by analyzing complex medical data is known as Artificial Intelligence in healthcare. There are so many companies developing AI systems which assist the doctors to choose the right medicine and treatment. Microsoft is developing an AI system which helps the doctors to give the suitable medicine to the cancer patients with proper dosage. There is another example where surgeons successfully demonstrated surgery with the robot.AI researchers is working very hard to develop advanced AI machines which can help doctors in treatment. The various programs where AI is applied in the health sector are drug development, diagnosis process, patient care, and monitoring. There are so many big institutions which have developed AI algorithms for their departments.

6.Automotive sector

AI have contributed immensely to the growth of the automotive industry through the evolution and creation of self-driving vehicles. There are so many companies which adapted AI for developing driverless cars. The big companies which are using AI are Google, Tesla, and Apple. The main factor which influences the ability of a driverless automobile is mapping, which is very important. In this case, the vehicle will be pre-programmed with a map of the particular area where the automobile is driven. Another main factor which influences the ability of a driverless automobile is a safety of the passenger. In this case, these automobiles should be programmed to handle high-risk situations which includes collision with pedestrians. At that point in time, the main goal of the car should be to make a decision that saves pedestrian as well as the passenger.


AI will be used very much in Military. For example, drones which are capable of autonomous action. All over the world military is spending billions on robotics. But unfortunately, many AI researchers keeping away from the military application of AI. There are so many weapons developed using AI system like autonomous military robots which can search and target based on the programme details. Lethal autonomous robots, automatic defensive systems, and autonomous offensive systems are there.

8.Video games

This is another big sector where Artificial Intelligence would be used extensively.AI is an Integral part of the video games since from the start. In video games, AI is used to generate dynamic purposeful behavior in non-player character and also routinely used for pathfinding. There are so many video games companies which use advanced artificial intelligence.AI is also used in the mechanism which will be not visible to the user like procedural -content generation and data mining.


AI has used in a number of creative applications and also used in visual art. You can see the good overview of applications of AI for art, design, and architecture in many exhibitions like Thinking Machine exhibition, Google sponsored benefit and auction in SanFrancisco and Unhuman-Art in the age of AI.

10.Advertising Industry

AI is very useful in Advertising it will generalize the behavior of customers by their use of search history, buying patterns and by their digital footprints. By this, it targets the customers with personalized promotions or for branding and marketing of the product or services to the targeted customers. The personality computing AI model will help to reduce the cost of advertising campaigns and targets the suitable customer.

Artificial Intelligence Tools

There are so many tools AI has developed to solve the most complex problems in computer science. Below find a few tools which are used in general.

  • Logic programming
  • Search algorithm and optimization
  • Mathematical optimization
  • A probabilistic approach for uncertain reasoning
  • Artificial neural networks
  • Deep feedforward neural networks
  • Progress evaluating
  • Statical and classifiers learning methods

The overall goal of Artificial Intelligence researchers is to create advanced technology which allows machines and computers to work in an intelligent manner. So, the day is not so far when the researchers develop a fully functional AI system which mimics exactly like human being in all the aspects. Whether in emotional aspects or taking decisions like human beings. But one thing is for sure that AI is going to be an integral part of human life.

Artificial Intelligence courses

As the value of the AI increasing there are so many reputed institutions are providing Artificial Intelligence courses. Not only on the campus there are so many online courses provided by the institutions. Below you can find the Top 5 online Artificial Intelligence courses. In these courses, everything will be covered from basic to advanced courses.

1.Machine Learning course by Stanford University.

2.Machine learning course by Columbia University

3.Google Artificial Intelligence learning course

4.Deep learning for self-driving cars course by MIT

5.Deep learning for computer vision by Nvidia

Still, there are so many courses available on Artificial Intelligence. For more information about the Artificial Intelligence courses click here Artificial Intelligence courses by Coursera.

Artificial Intelligence tutorials:

There are so many Artificial Intelligent tutorials available online where you can learn Artificial intelligence in simple steps from basic to advanced concepts with real time examples. To join AI tutorials basic knowledge of computer science is compulsory. Also, you will get Artificial Intelligence tutorial videos and Artificial Intelligence tutorial pdf files.




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