5 Best Smart Watches to Buy in 2019


 Nowadays wrist watches have become more than those ordinary and simple watches that were only used to tell us time or we use to wear to look stylish but as development in tech undergoes everything around us is now modified in there best possible ways, so how can wristwatches be the same as they were in 19s, so they become smartwatches.

In 1998, Pioneer inventer Steve Mann designed and developed first ever smartwatch. After presenting it, he was rightfully hailed as ” Father of wearable computing” a well-deserved man for this title.

A smartwatch is a wristwatch that has closer functionality to smartphones, they come with a touchscreen, mobile apps, a mobile operating system, Wifi/Bluetooth connectivity and much more, some models which are called watchphones can also be used as cellular mobiles which can be used for making calls and to send messages.

What’s more interesting is that many new and updated models of smartwatches can also perform tons of other cool tricks such as enabling voice searches on the internet, tracking your exercise with help of GPS and let you pay without reaching your wallet when you are on the counter of a grocery store to pay your bills.

Some smartwatches even work independently of a phone but most of them are designed as companion devices, some smartwatches are specifically designed for athletes that they can track laps time, distance and route and they may come with some more accessories like heart rate monitor, cadence sensor e.t.c, and some of them are developed for ease of sailors helping them track speed, wind direction, and wind speed.

Although smartwatches are invented and have existed for a long, long time there, foray into the mainstream is quite recent. Companies like Samsung, Apple, Asus, Huawei, and several others are putting their efforts to improve smartwatches and make customer experience a lot better with this device.

5 Best Smartwatches

Listed below are the best 5 smartwatches in the world as you read (by our observation) :

  1. Apple Watch Series 4
  2. S928 Sports Watch
  3. Samsung Galaxy Watch
  4. Motorola Moto 360 Sport
  5. Tic Watch E

1.Apple Watch Series 4


Photo credit: apple.com

Apple updated their Apple’s wearable to a whole new level when they redesigned this watch from Watch series 3 to Watch series 4, they nearly changed every component including screen, Digital crown and speaker has been improved, by this upgradation  the physical size of this watch bumped up to 40mm and 44mm, However it feels smaller to series 3 of 42mm, thanks to his tapered design.

Now it comes with a much larger display which can cover much information. If you are impressed by its redesigning there are some features of this device which make it a more tempting offer.

Apple Watch Series 4 will use a motion detector to sense when you trip, slip or fall and after this if you are not active for 30 seconds, it will alert your emergency contact and tell them where you are.

Digital crown of the watch is also been upgraded with haptic feedback that means every time you scroll digital crown will vibrate slightly whenever you scroll an item.

Battery life of Series 4 is the same as Series 3 that’s 18 hours.

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  1. S928 Sports Watch


Photo credit:www.aliexpress.com

This timepiece has built-in GPS to track pace, the distance you traveled and route, all without any connection with smartphones. Provide all kind of useful information like heart rate, steps, calories, mileage, height e.t.c.

Long battery life is always essential for a smartwatch this watch gives a battery life of more than a week in normal use.

  1. Samsung Galaxy Watch


Photo credit:bestbuy.ca

The latest smartwatch from Samsung doesn’t only tick all the boxes regarding its stylish look thanks to its premium design, circular face and metallic bezel, But thankfully it is packed with plenty of features to make it one of the best smartwatches in the market.

There have been rumors that Samsung planned on launching its own OS for its latest smartwatch but they gone with Tizen operating system again. Some people might be disappointed by that, But Tizen is a hell of an operating system.

The Samsung Watch automatically tracks your sleep and data it serves up is almost accurate. For Keen runners, it got GPS but for this, you need a Samsung phone because it will only work with Samsung health App.

Samsung claims 7 days of battery life but we think it’s with low usage but most of the review pinned 4 days on normal usage

  1. Motorola Moto 360 Sport


Photo credit:gizmomaniacs.com

Motorola Moto 360 Sport has Black, White and Orange silicon that is sweat proof and water resistance, because of its rubbery material it is soft and comfortable on your wrist.

It has one of the gorgeous display one could ever see on a smartwatch. It also has some battery saving properties too. This Smartwatch has an optical sensor which continuously reads your heart rate.

This watch has some battery life issues still there but most important fact is that it is designed for a tiny sliver of people if you have an Android phone and if you want GPS in your smartwatch and if you’re a runner you would want this type of watch but if a person is bit away from athleticism so I don’t think he would think to buy it, that is one of the most important reasons this watch  is on the fourth spot on our list of best smartwatches.

  1. Tic Watch E


Photo credit:amazon.in

Tic Watch E is a close sibling to watch Tic Watch S, this watch is a total budget all-rounder runs of Android 2.0 it has impressive features including GPS, heart-rate sensors, Google Assistant, water-resistance and full access to Google Play’s range of apps.

E in its name represents “express” differentiating it to S watch which represents “Sports”, Express version of Tic Watch has much superior GPS accuracy.

It has all these features which include all the ones you’d expect from Android 2.0, including GPS, music, and notifications with animated icons for every app on your phone.furthure more a sizeable chunk of email content and social media content.


 Above are the 5 best smartwatches available in the market. Please write in the comment section if you have any smartwatch that you feel best.





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